Insight to inspire actions to help our environment

Our mission is to inspire actions to help our environment via awareness such as presentations, articles, communications, and other possible solutions.

The Problem

We have an environmental mess. Data exists that is pretty clear regarding the extent of many environmental issues but there is also a lot of misinformation. There is huge propaganda that creates confusion about what is actually happening. People and organizations are invested in their own motivations, which are often not aligned with taking the healthiest actions to help our environment.

Some Options

  • Do nothing.
  • Work on technological solutions 
  • Change our system by creating new models to change behaviors, for example, carbon taxes or other incentives to induce new ways that we act to promote a healthy environment
  • Challenge our system and demand changes
  • Really understand what is happening and take individual and collective appropriate actions

‘Eco-data Forum’ intentions

  • To share relevant, accurate and unbiased data about the environment
  • Suggest possible options
  • Inspire action towards helping environment with ‘call to action’ challenges
  • Measure/track actions taken from this forum’s influence

How can our data industry expertise help? 

We have a great deal of skills and tools that can help make a difference in this cause. This group will help by using the below skills to help bring environmental awareness leading to healthy actions.

  • Data storytelling: How to leverage accurate data with engaging stories to inspire appropriate actions.
  • Data science: How to develop models to propose correlations, find causalities, predict outcomes, prescribe possible courses of action.
  • Data governance: How to use frameworks and principles to highlight issues regarding inappropriate policies, procedures, and standards relating to the environment
  • Data literacy: How to separate fact from fiction, and sharing when misinformation distorts what is really happening.
  • Data analytics: How to assess, integrate, and make sense of the huge amount of information.
  • Data visualization: How we can illustrate important information about the environment is a simple and easy to grasp manner
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning: How we can use algorithms and automation effectively to assist in environmental issues.
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